Reminder: The PlayStation Showcase is Tonight at 9pm BST

Playstation Logo

Consider this your warning klaxon.

The hotly anticipated PlayStation Showcase is TONIGHT. At 9pm BST / 4pm ET. We’re not sure what’s going to be announced, but we’re expecting some pretty exciting reveals. We won’t speculate; with only 8 hours to go, we can wait and find out.

The showcase will last around 40 minutes and will include “updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers”. Make of that what you will.

Following the showcase there’ll be further updates from some of the teams featured. So if you fancy a better look at some of the announcements, keep on watching.

The PlayStation Showcase will be streamed live from 9pm. You can watch it via YouTube, or simply hit play on the video below. We’re still nine hours out and already 1,300 people are sat waiting for it to start. The chat’s pretty active, if you feel like sharing your theories.

Be sure to check out GameSpew after the stream, as we’ll have a round-up of everything that’s been announced.