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Scarf is an Upcoming Atmospheric Adventure About a Dragon-Shaped Scarf


Move over, Journey; a new neckwear-based adventure is in town.

This week, HandyGames and Uprising Studios has lifted the lid on Scarf, a beautiful 3D adventure platformer about a dragon-scarf on a journey to find its home. Yes, you read that right: dragon-scarf. It’s a dragon that’s also a scarf. Or a scarf that’s also a dragon. Around the neck of your protagonist, this red, free-flowing strip of fabric acts exactly as you’d imagine. But freed from its wearer, it has a life of its own, complete with the face of a (friendly) dragon.

We were lucky enough to get an advanced preview of Scarf and, although we’ve yet to go hands-on with the game, our initial impressions are very good. It may resemble Journey – after all, a long red scarf billowing in the wind is something of an iconic image – but Scarf is very much its own game. There’s much more emphasis on puzzle solving here, along with three very distinct worlds for players to explore.

Developer Uprising Studios has strived to make Scarf as family-friendly as possible. There is some challenge involved in puzzle-solving, and while there are perils that can kill you, there’s no real punishing for dying. Instead, the joy of Scarf is to be found in exploring its vibrant worlds and unlocking new skills that allow you to easier traverse its environments.

Those new skills are granted by your scarf, which you’ll earn as you progress through the game. You’ll unlock the ability to double jump for example, which sees your scarf turn into wings on your back. You can also use your scarf to swing between platforms, and more will unlock later into the game.


We’re guessing Scarf won’t be a very long game, but one whose gameplay can be extended by making the most of the environments you find yourself in. There are secrets to be found in each world, so exploring nooks and crannies will also pay dividends.

There’s no release date for this just yet, but we’re excited to see more. It’s slated to release on PC via Steam. Take a look at more screenshots below.

Scarf Scarf Scarf Scarf

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