Sony Has Revealed October’s PlayStation Plus Games

PS Plus October

Sony has unveiled October’s Playstation Plus titles, and by “unveiled” we mean “confirmed an earlier leak”.

We do take leaks with a pinch of salt but, as was the case last month, October’s PS Plus were correctly if unofficially revealed a few days earlier. The three titles, two for PlayStation 4 games and one for the PlayStation 5 (which will also play the PS4 games) are as follows:

We sang the praises of Mortal Kombat X, awarding it a 9 out of 10 and stating that “isn’t flawless, but its victories far outweigh its shortcomings”. One thing this brawler has going for it compared to Mortal Kombat 11, is that it’s extremely easy to swap outfits, compared to having to mess around assigning slots in the newer entry. This doesn’t have all the extra characters the Kombat Packs add but it’s still a superb (and very gory) fighting game.


We were nearly as effusive about PGA Tour 2K21, calling it the “best golf game of this generation”. Surprisingly, there’s been no news of a PGA 2K22; developers, er, 2K, have stated they’re not done with the franchise but it’s looking increasingly likely they’re going to skip this year’s release.

As for Hell Let Loose? This WWII strategic shooter (also coming to Xbox Series X|S) is actually joining PS Plus the day of its release, October 5th. It hit the PC back in July and is an online-only game that supports up to 100 players; you can jump into the game as a solo player, but there’s no offline play, so making it a PS Plus title makes sense.

All these titles will be available from October 5th till November 1st, provided you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, which also enables online play. A new set of games will arrive next month but as long as you download these now you can play them any time your PS Plus subscription is active.

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