Sony Goes Behind the Scenes of PlayStation 5’s System Software Updates

PlayStation 5 (1)

Ever wonder what goes into PlayStation 5’s system software updates? Sony’s latest PlayStation Blog post has some of the answers.

The company has posted an interview with Hideaki Nishino, the Senior Vice President of PlayStation Experience and while it’s understandably dry at times, it’s worth reading if you’ve an interest in what happens behind the scenes with the PlayStation 5.

The one thing that he doesn’t mention is heading off exploits; we remember Sony updating the PlayStation 3’s system software to block loopholes that could be used to run homebrew and copied games, but not saying that was what they were doing. We’ve cherry picked a few factoids from the interview:

  • Nishino has a particular fondness for the Trophy Tracker, which arrived with PlayStation 5’s September system software update.
  • The team has a huge list of potential features and mulls those features based, in part, on community feedback.
  • The ability to upgrade your PlayStation 5’s storage was designed back in 2018, though at the time the team wasn’t 100% sure whether M.2 SSDs would become fast enough.
  • There’s going to be an update that boosts 3D audio through TV speakers, though Nishino is cagey as to when that’ll arrive.

Want to know more? You can find the full interview here.