Spiritfarer’s Beverly Update Adds a New Passenger and More Extra Content

Spiritfarer Beverley Update

Spiritfarer has a new update which introduces a new potential passenger.

Dubbed “The Beverly Update”, this new update is available right now across all platforms. Aside from adding Beverly, a former neighbour, to Spiritfarer’s cast, it also adds new buildings and a new island to the game. The update is free and all you need to do is download it or, in some cases, just wait for it to download automatically.

We reviewed Spiritfarer in August, saying that playing it was “Like sinking into a nice, cosy duvet. It envelops you, and you won’t want to leave.” It casts you as a boat captain but not just any boat captain; you’ve taken over from Charon so you’re in charge of ferrying the souls of the dead back and forth. Far from being grim, it’s an emotional, life-affirming outing which we encourage you to experience.

However, the release of the Beverley update isn’t the only Spiritfarer news. You can also now purchase its soundtrack on vinyl and, if you’re flush enough, a physical collector’s edition, though the latter will set you back a whopping $199.99. You can get your hands on both of those here.

If the collector’s edition gives your wallet nightmares you can, of course, buy the regular edition. It’s available digitally on Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC (on Windows or Linux) and physically on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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