1Practice your swing with these PC golf games

There haven’t been great golf games in recent years, but we’re getting there.

Virtua golf is long gone, and until recently, yearly releases licensed from PGA were a thing of the past, too. We’ve have a drought of games that let us practice our swing on the green, but lately things are starting to turn around.

Golf might have a reputation of being a bit of an old person’s sport. Maybe it’s true; it’s hardly a sport that pushes you to your limits. You’re simply walking around pleasant fields and swinging a club now and then. How hard can it be? But playing it from the comfort of our desk is a different story. It can be relaxing, entertaining and downright fun to get engrossed in a great golf game on PC.

But which ones are worth a putt? Click on through to see our picks of the best golf games on PC. You’ll be a budding Rory McIlroy in no time with these games.

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