3Golf Club Wasteland

Golf Club Wasteland 1 (1)

It’s some time in the future. Humans no longer inhabit Earth. Those who were wealthy enough moved to Mars to start a new life. What’s left of Earth has now become a playground for the rich and famous. A golfing playground. Okay, that might not be the introduction you were expecting to read on a list of best golf games on PC, but that’s exactly what Golf Club Wasteland is.

Dressed in a space explorer’s suit, this 2D adventure sees you putt balls on an extended golf course made out of Earth’s wasteland. It’s more of a puzzle game than a straightforward golf game; you’ll need to manoeuvre your ball around obstacles, hitting it up through windows and down through pipes in order to reach the hole. But it’s a lot of fun, and has a truly killer soundtrack to boot.

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