4Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends 2 (1)

If you love crazy golf, Golf With Your Friends will be an absolute delight. Those looking for a serious golfing session won’t find what they’re looking for here, mind.

Golf With Your Friends allows you to enjoy a round of crazy golf on a varied range of courses. There’s a haunted house, a world made of candy, and even a Worms-themed course. Playing offline you’ll pass a controller around, with each player taking their turn. Play online, however, and everyone will play at once, creating absolute chaos.

Perhaps the best thing about Golf With Your Friends though, is the ability to totally change how the game plays. You can play with hockey pucks instead of balls, for example, with holes being replaced with nets and cardboard goalies. Or you can activate party mode which allows the use of power ups.

It really is daft, but Golf With Your Friends is a must-have if you’re after the funniest golf game on PC.

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