8Infinite Mini Golf

For those who prefer their golfing games much less serious, Infinite Mini Golf is for you. A series of mini golf (or crazy golf, depending where you live) courses, it’s all about making precise putts and having a lot of fun in the process.

Infinite Mini Golf contains a number of themed courses. There’s a spooky Halloween set, and our personal favourite, a giant-sized bedroom. What makes it stand out, though, is that like the title suggests, it pretty much is infinite. The game lets you create your own courses using the assets provided, and you can download other people’s creations too. There are thousandsĀ of them, and it means you never need to play the same hole twice.

It can be played alone, butĀ Infinite Mini Golf is at its best when you’re competing against friends. With full local co-op support, you’ll score points for putting your ball in the fewest shots as well as hitting various collectibles that are darted around every course. It’s not the most serious golf game on PC, but it sure is a lot of fun.

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