5Arcade Spirits

Advertised as a “romantic visual novel”, Arcade Spirits is much more than that. It’s a slice-of-life story that casts you as a new employee of Funplex, a run-down arcade. But tatty around the edges it may be, it’s full of life thanks to its eccentric owner and its enthusiastic staff.

Throughout the course of Arcade Spirits, you’ll follow your protagonist – who you can name and choose the appearance of – as well as several staff members from Funplex – as you fight to restore the arcade to its former glory. That means rivalling the mega-corp that’s moved into town, dealing with troublesome visitors and, of course, dabbling in some love interests along the way. Your romance options are wide, and the decisions you choose along the way will shape not only the outcome of your love life, but the outcome of Funplex.

Arcade Spirits is a down-to-earth story, but it’s one packed with character, humour and heart. It’s full of classic video game references too, so any gamer will get a huge kick out of it. As far as visual novels on PS4 go, this is without a doubt one of the best.

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