The Nintendo Switch’s Latest Update Adds Bluetooth Audio Support

The Nintendo Switch has a new update which adds Bluetooth audio support, though there’s a catch.

The update, which you should be prompted to download means you can, in theory, use any Bluetooth speakers or headphones to channel audio from your Nintendo Switch console. If you’re up for a little heresy, you can even use a Xbox or PlayStation branded headset. Take that, Mario!

The catch is that this doesn’t mean you can use the headset’s microphone facility. Yes, you’ll be able to hear the Switch’s audio through the earpieces, but you can’t speak through the Bluetooth microphone and have it show up in game, even in games which support player audio.

Some games support plugging in a microphone directly but, as reported by USGamer, there are relatively few Nintendo Switch games that support voice chat. Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 voice chat solution was hilariously convoluted, involving plugging a mobile phone in and.. well, we’re trying not to recall the Lovecraftian horror right now.

So is Bluetooth audio a handy feature to have? Yes, but don’t expect miracles.