The Persistence Developer Firesprite To Be Acquired By Sony Interactive Entertainment

SIE Firesprite (1)

Sony is continuing to grow its PlayStation Studios family.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Liverpool-based studio Firesprite Interactive. It’s a pretty strange state of affairs, given that the studio was founded by industry veterans from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Studio Liverpool, which was shut down way back in 2012.

While Studio Liverpool was well-known for its work on the WipEout series, Firesprite has shied away from the racing genre. Working closely with Sony, Firesprite has been responsible for The Playroom for PS4, as well as The Playroom VR, Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall and The Persistence for PSVR. A non-VR version of The Persistence has even found its way onto other platforms, while The Persistence Enhanced is a remastered version with next-gen features such as ray tracing and DualSense support.

A glance at the job vacancies on the Firesprite website reveals that the studio is currently working on a AAA branching narrative adventure as well as a AAA action shooter that’s a new IP. So, could we find out what the studio is working on soon? In any case, it looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment is cooking up some more memorable experiences to excite PS4 and PS5 fans.

You can read more about Sony Interactive Entertainment’s acquisition of Firesprite over on the PlayStation Blog.