This Doom Eternal/Donkey Kong Rap Mash-Up is Amazing

Doom Eternal Donkey Kong

Ever wondered what the Donkey Kong Rap from Donkey Kong 64 would sound like mashed up with Doom Eternal’s The Only Thing They Fear is You?

Us neither; in fact, we still hold a grudge against the DK Rap crew for doing Lanky Kong dirty. But even we have to admit this is pretty awesome; YouTuber St. Diccholas hasn’t just overlayed the two songs on top of each other, as some of YouTube’s weaker mash-ups do. Instead, they’ve gone to the trouble of delivering a proper mash-up, chopping up the DK Rap’s lyrics to fit with They Only Thing They Fear is You’s heavy metal riffs.

We don’t know if Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon would approve but he’s not entirely happy with with the Doom Eternal soundtrack, having a falling out with iD Software over the way his compositions were handled. As for the DK Crew? Enough bananas and we’re sure they’d give it their seal of approval.

You can check out this unlikely but outstanding mash-up below though, be warned, it could lead you down a very strange path. We’ve spent the last half-hour listening to a Doom/Soulja Boy mashup and we don’t know if we can stop.