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Centipede: Recharged

This September, Centipede: Recharged is Resurrecting the 80s Bug-Blaster

The announcement of Centipede: Recharged was enough to make us check we hadn’t travelled back in time.

Between that and He-Man coming back, we thought we’d either fallen backwards into the past or the 80s were somehow merging with this current decade. But, no, Centipede: Recharged is a genuine attempt to resurrect the 1981 arcade classic, which sees you blasting away at a centipede that’s wiggling its way down the screen.

And, going by the trailer, it looks pretty good. As with a few remakes, Double Dragon and so forth, it goes the neon route, to give it that 80s vibe or, at least, to make it feel like most people’s vision of the 80s. It’ll sport couch co-op as well as a soundtrack by Megan McDuffee, whose first track you can listen to here.

Part of the upcoming Atari: Recharged range, it’s coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC, as you might expect. But what’s more surprising is that it’s landing on the Atari VCS. No, not the original; there’s a new Atari VCS which, essentially a mini PC, was released earlier this year after a successful Kickstarter.

Centipede: Recharged will be release this September 29th, so if you’ve got a hankering for some nostalgic bug-blasting, save the date. Give the trailer a watch below for some neon-soaked retro action.

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