Lanky Kong Reacting to the Donkey Kong Rap is Both Hilarious and Heartbreaking

Donkey Kong Lanky Kong

Remember the Donkey Kong Rap? It features in Donkey Kong 64, introducing each of the characters, but some come off more favourably than others.

Lanky Kong, in particular, is painted as being a clumsy, feckless jackass, whose only real talent is blowing himself up like a balloon. And, as Joel Haver’s latest video shows, he’s not in the least bit happy about it.

Haver is famous for his animation style which involves taking footage of regular people performing sketches, often improvising a great deal of the dialogue, and then digitally painting over them. His Lanky Kong video takes the form of a reaction video, with an enthusiastic Lanky sitting down to watch the DK Rap for the first time.


And, while it’s very, very funny, it’s also a little heartbreaking. Lanky pauses the video halfway through, trying to convince himself that it’s going to pick up but.. well, we’ll let you watch the rest of it but all we can say is that if we ever meet Donkey Kong we’re going to give him a piece of our mind.