THQ Nordic is Announcing Six New Games at its Showcase Next Week

THQ Nordic is putting on a digital showcase this September 17th.

The fact it’s digital shouldn’t be a huge surprise since, thanks to Coronavirus, physical events are still risky. However, what might be surprising is THQ Nordic is announcing a total of six new games. We were going to say that the big surprise is it’s being hosted by Geoff Keighley but, let’s face it, that’s as surprising as water being wet.

The publisher has promised “the return of legendary franchises and sequels to beloved games”. We’ve already know Saints Row is getting a reboot, so that won’t number among the six and since THQ Nordic has purchased a number of publishers and their catalogues, any number of properties could be getting a second shot at life.

That said, we’d get a kick out of a proper Carmageddon reboot, not just a guest appearance in Wreckfest. We’re also hoping that we don’t get a Singles: Flirt Up Your Life sequel, even though the company has acquired Koch Media/Deep Silver.

You’ll be able to watch the digital showcase on YouTube, Twitch and Steam Friday September 17th at 12pm PST / 8pm BST.