Tips for Playing Deathloop

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Are you ready to jump into a LOOP of DEATH?

Out now, Deathloop is one hell of a creative first-person action shooter. Playing as Colt, you’ve taken it upon yourself to break the bizarre timeloop that your island of Blackreef is stuck in. Every day, the loop resets, taking you, and everyone on the island, back to the start of the same day. Forever. Colt’s had enough of it. He’s bringing it to an end.

It’s no easy task, but you do have some useful skills to help you. Colt can retain information from one loop to the next, for example. And eventually, he’ll be able to retain weapons and equipment, too. There’s a lot to take in in Deathloop, especially in the game’s first few hours. But we’re here to help. Here are a few tips to help you on your way in Deathloop.

Go in prepared

Make sure you check your loadout before jumping into a new time period in Deathloop. Make sure you’ve got the weapons you want equipped, and make sure any upgrades and trinkets are equipped. Once you’ve started a morning, noon, afternoon or evening, you can’t change your equipment until you’ve finished your current time period.

Minimise your losses

Always spend as much Residuum you can after each period. Leaving it to build up at the end of the day means you’re leaving yourself open to more losses. Sure, saving up for a more expensive upgrade is sometimes necessary, but most of the time you’ll have enough. It’s about the only time we’ll advise you to spend, not save.


It’s risky, but it pays to explore in Deathloop. You’ll find more notes, more Residuum, and perhaps even new leads to check out. By poking around we’ve round some pretty interesting story-based stuff that gives a lot more flavour and character to Blackreef and the characters in it.

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Choose your weapons wisely

You can only have three weapons, so choose wisely. You’ll likely have your favourites, and by all means keep those with you. But it’s always handy to have a silent weapon – perhaps a nailgun – so you can do those headshots without alerting more enemies to your presence. Because loud guns are loud. Fire off a shot in an unfortunate area, and you’ll be swarmed by enemies faster than you can say “crap!”.

Tag enemies

Even if you’re planning to sneak by without killing them, tag any enemies you can see. Look at them and press down on your d-pad to tag them. They’ll always remain visible on your map, and it’s handy to know where they are later on.

Plan a clear route back

The most fraught part of Deathloop, for us at least, is finding our way back to the tunnel after completing whatever job we’ve set out to do. It’s here the stakes are highest; maybe you’ve taken down a Visionary or two, or maybe Julianna showed up. Chances are, you’ve got plenty of Residuum and some rather cool upgrades on you. You want to get back safely. Think about that on your way to your target. Sometimes it pays to clear out enemies on the way there so it makes your way back easier.

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Take your time

Even if you know exactly what you’ve got to do, Deathloop isn’t a game that should be rushed through. Take your time to explore and enjoy the environments, doing missions piecemeal and in any order you see fit. You don’t have to string them all together in one day – not straight away, anyway. Make the most of your time in Blackreef.


Try different routes, different tactics, different everything. The joy of the timeloop means that if something goes wrong, it’s all just going to reset anyway. So have fun and get creative. Don’t just stick to the same old tried-and-tested routines.

Never get cocky (and watch out for mines)

Depending on the time of day, environments in Blackreef change. A route that was clear in the morning? It might be packed with enemies and traps by the afternoon. Don’t simply rush somewhere because it was clear at another point in the day. Always take care to look around your surroundings – especially for mines. Those pesky buggers catch us out every time.

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