Tips for Playing Sable


Jumping into the artistic open world of Sable? These tips might help you out a little.

Out now on PC and Xbox – and available via Xbox Game Pass – Sable is an ultra-stylish open world game about a young tribeswoman setting out on her Gliding; a rite of passage that all young members of the tribe must go on. During your Gliding, it’s entirely up to you where you go and what to do, which can make Sable feel a little overwhelming.

Don’t worry; the game might not hold your hand, but we’re here to give you a comforting nudge in the right direction. Here’s our tips for playing Sable.

There’s no right or wrong

That’s right, you literally cannot fail in Sable. There’s also no “correct” way to play, so go with your gut, follow your heart, or simply sit on your bike and hit accelerate. The quests you pick up don’t have to be done in any certain order; they don’t even have to be done at all if you don’t want to.

Remember to fast travel

Travelling across Sable‘s world, even on the back of your supercool hoverbike, can get a little tedious. Thankfully, the game supports fast travel, though it never really tells you about it. Jump into the menu, toggle to the map, and you can fast travel to any major landmark, settlement or town you’ve already visited. It makes getting around much easier.

Upgrade your Stamina

Another thing that Sable fails to make obvious to you is that you can increase your stamina, allowing you to climb further without getting tired. As you play you’ll find Chum Eggs. These eggs can be traded in at the Chum Lair, which in turn will allow you to increase your stamina. And more stamina makes traversal in Sable much easier.

Talk to everyone

Well, maybe not everyone. But take time to stop and talk to many of the NPCs you’ll meet around Sable‘s world. Some will have useful information for you, some may give you new quests, and some will simply provide additional knowledge about the world. Either way, the writing in this game is so good that we recommend soaking up as much of it as you can.

Look around for pots and boxes you can interact with

There’s money in them there pots. Or some of them at least. This isn’t a Zelda situation where you can smash pots willy-nilly and be showered with Rupees. But you’ll find carefully-placed pots around the world that contain a bit of money. And money is very useful for upgrading your bike amongst other things, so collecting as much as you can is certainly recommended.

Go at your own pace

Just like there’s no right or wrong when it comes to playing Sable, there’s also no pressure to rush. Take your time, enjoy your surroundings and simply enjoy playing without worrying about completing mission after mission. This is your journey, after all, so make the most of it.

End your journey whenever you want…

If you do everything that Sable has to offer, it’s a very long game. We’re nowhere near done ourselves, but we’d wager at least 30-40 hours worth of content. Likely more. But the thing with Sable is you can end the game whenever you want. Once Sable has collected a mask (by trading in three badges she’s earned), she can go back to her home village, end her Gliding, and start a new life with her chosen mask. Credits will roll, and you’re done.

…But you should probably jump back in to do more

Don’t end the game prematurely, because you’ll be cutting yourself short of much of the experience. The good news is that if you do decide to go to end Gliding then regret that decision, you can load up a save just before making that decision, and carry on with your Gliding.