What Difficulty Should You Play Lost Judgment On?

Lost Judgment 2 (1)

So, you’re starting Lost Judgment and have been asked which difficulty you’d like to play on. Which one should you choose?

Lost Judgment has four difficulties to choose from at the outset, and completing the game unlocks a fifth one that’s harder than all the rest. The bad news is that you’ll need to complete the game on that unlocked difficulty, called Legend, if you want to get all of the game’s achievements or trophies, necessitating two playthroughs. So, you might want to go easy on yourself for your first playthrough.

The game’s easiest difficulty setting, Simple, makes Lost Judgment a walkover, and even has an assist function to help those new to action games. It’s basically Story Mode. Most, then, might want to try Easy instead, which still offers a bit of challenge but without any frustrations.


Those familiar with the Yakuza or Judgment series’, however, will probably want to opt for Normal or Hard difficulties, which make the combat more tense and challenging. Though whatever you choose, remember that you can change the difficulty at pretty much any time by simply bringing up Yagami’s phone and selecting the settings app.

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