What Do Sparkling Objects Do in Deathloop?

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If you’ve just started playing Deathloop, you may have noticed strange, sparkling objects around the world. What are these, and what do they do?

Blackreef, the world where Deathloop takes place, is filled with lots of weird and wonderful objects. Some of them you can interact with, others you can’t. And some of them sparkle with a weird glitching animation. Early on in the game, you’ll see lots of sparkling objects, but you can’t interact with them. Just what are they?

Items that sparkle are filled with a resource called Residuum. This is a resource that Colt uses to preserve his weapons, trinkets and Slabs – his equipment and abilities, in other words. You can collect Residuum eventually – but first you need to complete a specific mission. Until you’ve completed that mission and unlocked the ability to gather Residuum, there isn’t anything you can do with the sparkling objects.


But not all is lost: once you’ve completed the mission called ‘Ubiquity’, you’ll be able to gather these items, and they’ll all still be waiting for you. Ubiquity takes you to The Complex, where you’ll need to kill 10 versions of Wenjie, one of the Visionaries protecting the island. Following the quest line will see you take one of Wenjie’s special abilities – that which allows you to absorb Residuum.

Residuum is a very important resource, and you’ll want as much of it as possible. Preserving your items between loops is key to succeeding at the game, so once you’ve completed Ubiquity, make sure you gather as much of it as possible.

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