1Optimized For Xbox Series X/S Games on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Series X Optimized Games (1)

If you’ve just purchased an Xbox Series X/S, you might be wondering what optimized games are available for it. Well, if you have Xbox Game Pass, we have good news: there’s a wealth of games readily available.

Just how ‘optimized’ a game is for Xbox Series X/S depends on the title. But for the most part, games simply look and play better. In many cases, you’ll experience dramatically enhanced visuals, better framerates and, if you’re playing on Xbox Series X, 4K resolutions. Of course, you’ll also get added benefits like faster loading times, too.

If you’ve just upgraded to Xbox Series X/S, there’s no better time to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. Read on to see our picks of the best games that have been optimized for the console. But even without optimizations, there’s a tonne of games that will play better on your new console than last generation.

Here’s are the best Xbox Game Pass games that have been optimized for Xbox Series X/S.

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