You Can Play Taito Classic Arkanoid in Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors

Games-within-games are becoming more and more common.

The Yakuza series is known for it; you can walk into a SEGA arcade and play any number of classic arcade games. But it’s not alone. It’s not unusual for a game to have a made-up arcade game for its characters to play, but Life is Strange: True Colors, the latest game in the series, has a licensed classic nestled within its game world: an arcade cabinet of Arkanoid.

That’s right: venture into the back room of the Black Lantern – the pub that Alex lives above – and you’ll find a couple of arcade cabinets in the corner. One of them you can’t interact with, but the other is a fully-working game of Taito’s Arkanoid. Interact with the machine, and you’ll be taken into the game – multiple levels, high scores to chase, the works.


Arkanoid was first released in arcades in 1986. If you’ve not played it, you’ll be familiar with its format. In fact, Arkanoid itself aped the concept of Atari’s Breakout; it’s a game where players control a paddle at the bottom of the screen to destroy blocks. Once you’ve cleared all the blocks, you’ll move on to the next level.

And so, as Alex, you can play Arkanoid whenever you feel like it. Even, it turns out, when you should be doing something more important. But hey, a quick video game break never hurt anyone, right?

It’s not the only arcade game in Life is Strange: True Colors, either. In Alex’s apartment you’ll find a cabinet called Mine Haunt. This isn’t an existing game; it’s been created especially for True Colors, but dare to interact with it and you’ll find an engaging and addictive game about making it through a mine before the ghost gets you. That, it turns out, holds some parallels with Life is Strange: True Colors‘ actual gameworld, but delving into that would involve revealing spoilers.

Like ArkanoidMine Haunt is a fully-featured game, complete with multiple levels and high scores to chase. And, it turns out, there’s a hidden Easter egg chamber for players who sink enough time into it.

So, yes. While you should absolutely play Life is Strange: True Colors for its fantastic story, brilliant characters and overall brilliance, be sure to take some time to play some arcade games while you’re there.