A Complete Guide to Acquiring the Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Travelers Chosen Catalyst

We’re firmly into Year 4 of Destiny 2 and the game is going stronger than ever. Season of the Lost launched on August 24th and players have been delighted with the excellent narrative instilled into the expansion.

In Season of the Lost, we head back to The Dreaming City. This season has been released prior to The Witch Queen expansion, and so is acting as a prologue to the events that will unfold from February next year.

With the new narrative progression comes the opportunity to acquire new weapons, armour sets, in-game consumables – and all sorts of other benefits. Part of succeeding in both PvP and PvE game modes in Destiny 2 is attaining the best items. Without keeping up with the game’s meta, the likelihood is that you’ll find it far more difficult to remain competitive – no matter how skilful you are.

Weapons alone aren’t enough, however. To have a truly elite loadout, catalysts are also important. As with previous seasons, the current season has seen a new exotic weapon catalyst made available for players to acquire and integrate into their build. For Season of the Lost, you can hunt down the catalyst for The Traveler’s Chosen – a weapon that excels in PvE activity.

Here, you can learn how to find and complete The Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst – and why you may want to consider a Destiny 2 boosting service for the task.

What are Exotic Catalysts?

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly are exotic catalysts?

An exotic catalyst is an item with unique applications for a specific weapon. When you acquire an exotic catalyst, you can apply it to a weapon through the perk menu. Catalysts allow you to “Masterwork” a weapon after you manage to complete the catalyst’s objective.

Both how you acquire a catalyst and complete its objective varies from one catalyst to the next. Some of these requirements are fairly straightforward, while others might take a great deal of time and lead to serious frustration. For the more challenging activities, D2 paid services are an excellent option – allowing you to acquire the catalyst and complete the requirements without having to spend countless hours on the activity.

What is The Traveler’s Chosen?

This guide will help you to acquire The Traveler’s Chosen catalyst, but what do you already know about this weapon?

The Traveler’s Chosen was actually a firearm that first appeared in Destiny 2’s Red War campaign – in the very first mission. Back then, the weapon only offered decent damage but no special perks. The exotic version of The Traveler’s Chosen entered the fray during Year 3’s Season of the Arrivals.

The newer – better – version is an exotic rarity kinetic sidearm, and it has forged a reputation as a first-class for PvE engagements. One perk, Gathering Light, allows each killing blow to grant stacks of Gathering Light, improving weapon handling, target acquisition, and reload speed. The stack tops out at ten, so there’s quite a bit of improvement from this perk alone.

What Does The Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst Do?

If you’re going to go through the trouble of acquiring this catalyst, you’re probably going to want to know what it’ll do for you first.

Fortunately, the rewards more than justify the exertion required.

Primarily, as with many of the other catalysts that you’ll have come across in Destiny 2, The Traveler’s Chosen catalyst generates Orbs when you defeat multiple targets in quick succession, ensuring you gain a tracker that displays the number of enemies defeated with the weapon.

Once you manage to Masterwork the weapon, the benefits start to pile up.


This is a perk that greatly improves the flexibility of The Traveler’s Chosen. This perk changes the weapon’s damage type based on the type of grenade that you throw. It only reverts back once the weapon is stowed.

Full Auto Trigger System

Holding down the trigger allows you to fire this weapon at full auto. This perk takes a weapon that’s already performing at a very high level and ramps it up by a number of factors.

How to Get The Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst

It’s possible to pick up The Traveler’s Chosen catalyst at the end of Crucible, Gambit, and Strike matches. Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed drops with this catalyst, you will need to keep plugging away in the hopes that it’ll drop.

It’s also worth noting that, in order to have this catalyst drop, you do need to own The Traveler’s Chosen already.

How to Complete The Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst

Like most other catalysts, The Traveler’s Chosen catalyst requires you to get a certain number of kills with this weapon to upgrade it to a Masterwork level.

In this case, you’ll need to rack up 700 kills with this firearm – which is no mean feat. There are a number of locations that might be suitable for farming kills for this catalyst, but whichever of them you choose, it’s going to require substantial time.

One location that is going to offer steady progress is the Shattered Throne dungeon – and the Shadow Thrall Hallway more specifically. One advantage of taking on runs in this part of the dungeon is that you get an endless supply of Shadow Thrall to defeat. Of course, it might be tough for you to reach this location, so seeking alternatives – such as the Altars of Sorrow or the Shuro Chi area in the Last Wish raid.

Avoiding the Grind

Many players really, really want The Traveler’s Chosen catalyst – it bumps up the effectiveness of the weapon quite considerably – but they don’t want to grind away at acquiring and completing it.

For these situations, a legit Destiny 2 carry service is going to be your best call. With a group of professional players carrying out runs in raids and dungeons, in order to acquire weapons, armour, and catalysts, your arsenal will improve drastically.

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