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A Level Designer is Recreating London in Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D Greggs

One enterprising Duke Nukem 3D level designer is recreating London in-game.

That might not sound like a big deal given that Watch Dogs Legion does largely the same, but Dan Douglas, the man behind this enterprise is going for accuracy in a way that Legion didn’t and, probably, legally couldn’t.

The London level, or levels, depending upon how Douglas eventually bundles it, is devoid of monsters, which we’re absolutely fine with. But it features stores and other locations that are London accurate, so you’ll actually be able to wander into Greggs or, should you so desire, mess around in former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s office.

But it’s not just the presence of actual UK brands that makes Douglas’s efforts appealing. He’s go so far as to include a fair degree of interactivity, using some clever tricks. For example, by turning one of Duke Nukem 3D’s strippers invisible, he’s created a tube station gate that actually opens when you use your tube card.

What makes this all the more fascinating is that this is being accomplished using the engine for a 25 year old game, which couldn’t do proper room-above-room 3D. And, while he’s technically a level designer by virtue of this undertaking, he’s learning to use Duke Nukem 3D’s level design app as he goes along. It’s not clear when or indeed if, Douglas will publicly release his work but it’s fascinating to watch him add to the project, piece by piece.

You can check out Dan Douglas’s project updates by following him on Twitter.

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