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A Little Golf Journey is Out Now on Switch and PC

A Little Golf Journey

Whether you’re a golfing aficionado or someone who simply enjoys a good puzzle game, this is one you’re going to want to keep your eye on.

At least, that’s what we said when we previewed A Little Golf Journey last month. This is a game that combines golfing sensibilities with gorgeous environments, a relaxing approach to gameplay and fun puzzle-solving. And if that sounds like your sort of thing, it’s out now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

To describe A Little Golf Journey as a ‘golf game’ is to do it a disservice. Yes, you’re ultimately hitting a golf ball around a course, with the end goal being to putt it in a hole. But realistic visuals and eye-level viewpoints are gone; instead replaced by a top-down view of a gorgeous, pocket-sized level. You can hit your ball around the whole course if you want, but the idea is to find the shortest way to get to the green. And that’s where the game’s puzzle elements come in.

Here’s a snippet from our preview:

“With over 100 levels to work through, split across ten distinct worlds, there’s plenty to go at in A Little Golf Journey. Whether you want to aim for three stars on every level and truly test your mettle, or whether you want to enjoy the scenery and simply scrape by, this is a game worth keeping your eye on. Even if you’re no golfing aficionado.”

It’s been developed by Okidokico, a studio formed by a duo of former triple-A developers, and published by Playtonic Friends. You can grab it now via the Nintendo Switch eShop or on PC via Steam or GOG, for £15.49. Give the trailer a watch below, and check back in a few days for our full review.

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