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Apex Legends’ Newest Character is Ash, Arriving from Titanfall 2

Apex Legends Ash

Respawn have unveiled their newest Apex Legends character, Ash, and she’s not a happy bunny.

“New” might be a slight exaggeration; she’s actually returning from Titanfall 2, where the simulacrim served as one of the game’s bosses. But, as revealed in her character trailer, she’s more than just a robot, she also contains the personality of Dr. Ashleigh Reid. The latter left Horizon, everyone’s favourite Scottish astrophysicist, to die so she’s not a nice person. Though, in what is perhaps a fitting punishment, she’s not entirely in the driving seat.

It appears that, in the tradition of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, she’s trapped in The Sunken Place while Ash’s robotic construct, or some fragment of Ashleigh’s personality, does its own thing. The trailer concludes with Horizon resurrecting Ash, mistakenly thinking she was a friend. Ash storms out to do her own badass thing.

Ash’s reveal is just part of Apex Legends next major update, Apex Legends: Escape, essentially Season 11. Escape will also introduce a new weapon, the CAR S.M.G. and, as teased on the Apex Legends site, will potentially add a new hazard to the game.

Apex Legends: Escape will get a launch trailer this Thursday October 21st and the content itself, including Ash, will be added to the free-to-play shooter November 2nd.

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