4Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 (2)

This game is enhanced for PS4 Pro

Ubisoft makes brilliant open-world games, and Far Cry 6 is indeed one of them. It’s also an FPS.

Letting you loose on the picturesque tropical island of Yara, Far Cry 6 tasks you with taking down a dictator by the name on Anton Castillo. As a member of Libertad, you’ll have access to wide range of guns, as well as vehicles and numerous buddies. Though those buddies probably aren’t what you expect. You can head into battle alongside a jacket-wearing crocodile, for example, or a sausage dog equipped with wheels. Needless to say, while Far Cry 6 has a serious side, it also wants you to have fun.

And that’s what you’ll do as you rank up, gaining access to yet more tools of destruction. The best of them are known as Supremos and Resolver weapons. There are numerous Supremo backpacks to unlock, each one granting you access to a powerful ultimate attack. Resolver weapons, on the other hand, are outlandish firearms that you can use more liberally. So, if you’re after the best-person shooters on PS4, be sure to give this a go.

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