6Bioshock: The Collection

This game is enhanced for PS4 Pro

Why enjoy only one quality first-person shooter when you can enjoy three?

Bioshock: The Collection bundles up the original Bioshock with both of its sequels and all of their DLC, creating a package that is not to be missed. In Bioshock and Bioshock 2 you’ll find yourself exploring an underwater utopia gone wrong, fighting for your life while completing objectives. Then, in Bioshock Infinite, you’ll appreciate the nice change of scenery as you attempt to rescue a girl from a city floating among clouds.

All three games combine FPS gameplay with RPG elements, granting you access to supernatural abilities and weapon upgrades. Bioshock: The Collection has been enhanced for PS4 Pro since launch, too, so now it looks and plays better then ever. Be sure to add it to your collection if you’re after the best first-person shooter games on PS4.

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