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2Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls 3 (1)

  • Release date: 7th September
  • Available on: PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC

Taking inspiration from classic survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Tormented Souls looks modern but plays like a blast from the past. Thankfully the tank controls are optional, but you’ll still have to contend with fixed camera angles, limited attack options and a bucketload of fiendish puzzles.

Not everyone will get on with Tormented Souls, then, but those who do will absolutely love it. The puzzles are enjoyable to solve, and the monsters that pursue you through the halls and rooms of the creepy mansion you’ve found yourself in are both menacing and grotesque. Throw in an interesting though perhaps rather predictable story, and you have one of the best survival horror games in years. If it interests you, make sure you play it this Halloween. We just hope it gets a sequel.

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