6In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind 1 (1)

  • Release date: 28th September
  • Available on: PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC

Imagine waking up in a basement, not knowing how you got there. Even worse, the building you’re in is seemingly abandoned, aside from some strange creatures that attack you on sight. Throw in a mysterious man who keeps calling phones nearby just to mess with you, and you have the setup for one of 2021’s most interesting games.

In Sound Mind places you in the shoes of a psychologist, though you’ll quickly begin to wonder about his own mental state. Exploring the strange building he’s woken up in, you’ll find various doors that lead to the homes of his patients, and by collecting the tapes that are inside, he can then play them back at his office. Each tape, however, transports him to what is essentially a nightmare. What really makes In Sound Mind stand out is the variety and creativity found within each of these nightmares. There are some genuine scares too. Be sure to check it out this Halloween if you’re after a game that’s eclectic but all the better for it.

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