1These are the best Metroidvania games on PS4

We love Metroidvania games. And some of the best are available on PS4.

It’s true that they often require a bit of tedious backtracking, but a good Metroidvania game – a term that comes from combining ‘Metroid’ and ‘Castlevania’ – makes sure that every trip you make is rewarding. Sometimes you’ll find a powerful piece of equipment by going off the beaten path. Other times you might discover a new skill or item that allows you to access a new area. And you should definitely keep your eyes open for secrets around every corner.

There’s a wealth of Metroidvania games out there, with vastly different settings, characters and styles, but they all have multiple things in common. Namely, their sprawling, interconnected maps, the need to explore, and an upgrade system that allows you to improve your character as you progress and access new areas. So, if you like games that promote exploration and generally have lots of combat, click on through. Our picks of the best Metroidvania games on PS4 await.

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