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The Best Metroidvania Games on PS4

These are the best Metroidvania games on PS4

We love Metroidvania games. And some of the best are available on PS4.

It’s true that they often require a bit of tedious backtracking, but a good Metroidvania game – a term that comes from combining ‘Metroid’ and ‘Castlevania’ – makes sure that every trip you make is rewarding. Sometimes you’ll find a powerful piece of equipment by going off the beaten path. Other times you might discover a new skill or item that allows you to access a new area. And you should definitely keep your eyes open for secrets around every corner.

There’s a wealth of Metroidvania games out there, with vastly different settings, characters and styles, but they all have multiple things in common. Namely, their sprawling, interconnected maps, the need to explore, and an upgrade system that allows you to improve your character as you progress and access new areas. So, if you like games that promote exploration and generally have lots of combat, click on through. Our picks of the best Metroidvania games on PS4 await.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained 8 (1)

Ten years after the release of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Koji Igarashi is back with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

A spiritual successor to his previous works, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night doesn’t have you going up against Dracula but the gameplay is typical of previous Castlevania games using the Metroidvania formula. You’ll explore a castle, defeat grotesque enemies and gain new abilities that will enable you to access more areas. But thanks to Koji Igarashi’s touch, everything is just magical.

There are loads of weapons to find and craft, every enemy has a shard for you to absorb which grants you a new skill, and there are secrets aplenty. If you’ve ever played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night you should know what to expect. Only Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is bigger, prettier, and dare we say it… just better. If you own a PS4 and are after the best Metroidvania games, you need this.

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Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights 2

With its gothic visuals and unique combat system, Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is one of the best Metroidvania games to release in recent years.

In Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights you play as a young priestess, waking up in a world ravaged by blight. She has no way of attacking her enemies herself, but luckily she has a spirit guide who is all too happy to manifest and slash at her foes on her behalf. As you play through the game you gain the assistance of other spirits, too, and can make use of up to three of them at once to combat your foes.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a dark and haunting game, with a wonderful piano-based soundtrack. It’s challenging, too, with bosses that really put up a fight. Needless to say, if you have a PS4 and are after the best Metroidvania games to play on it, you should definitely consider picking this up.

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Castlevania Advance Collection

Castlevania Advance Collection 2 (1)

Why have just one of the best Metroidvania games on PS4 when you can have three? Bundling up three Castlevania games that were previously only available on the Game Boy Advance, Castlevania Advance Collection isn’t going to wow PS4 gamers with its rather dated 2D graphics. But those who look past them will find a hell of a lot to like.

For a start, Castlevania Advance Collection offers exceptional value for money. Buying the three games included in this collection – Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow – costs a fortune on the second-hand market these days. And there’s a reason for that – while they’re all a little dated in the looks department, they’re all still very enjoyable to play.

In each game you’ll take control of a unique protagonist, though they all share a common goal: take down Dracula. To do that they’ll have to explore his castle, defeating his minions along the way and gaining new skills that will allow them to gain access to new areas. Needless to say, while the visuals no longer impress, the gameplay still does. And thanks to numerous quality of life features this collection is the best way to enjoy this trio of classic titles.

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Hollow Knight

Presenting you with a vast world and little direction, Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania for you to truly get lost in. It’s easily one of the best on PS4.

There’s little in the way of story; Hollow Knight is more about atmosphere than narrative. Like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, you’ll encounter few friendly characters on your adventure, but it just makes those meetings more meaningful. Enemies, however, are plentiful.

Initially, Hollow Knight‘s combat may seem rather basic. As you collect Charms and equip them in your limited selection of available slots, however, you’ll discover a great deal of depth. Before you know it, you’ll be customising your equipped Charms frequently to more effectively deal with pesky bosses and arduous enemies.

If you like your Metroidvania experiences to hold your hand a little, you might lose interest in Hollow Knight after a while. If you like being given the freedom to explore, however, you’ll be absolutely enthralled by it.

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Axiom Verge

top 10 ps4 games

Developed by just one man, Tom Happ, Axiom Verge is one hell of a game.

Taking cues from Metroid itself, this sprawling 2D shooter certainly wears its influences on its sleeve, but it has enough of its own unique features and quirks to make it stand out as a classic in its own right.

Putting you in control of a character called Trace, Axiom Verge tasks you with finding out how exactly you ended up in an alien world. Though your priorities will change as you play.

Its controls are crisp and responsive, making it a pleasure to play, and there are a wealth of weapons for you to acquire and upgrade. Axiom Verge is one of those games that you can get lost in for hours, investigating areas you haven’t searched before and trying to find secrets.

Axiom Verge‘s bosses are no doubt the stars of the show though, each being epic in scale and enjoyably challenging. Honestly, Axiom Verge is so good that once you’ve completed it you’ll want to jump right back in on a harder difficulty or in speedrun mode. Needless to say, when it comes to the best Metroidvania games on PS4, this is one of them.

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Guacamelee! 2

Guacamelee! 2 Unikitty

You’ve probably already seen Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition on this list, and now here’s its sequel.

Guacamelee! 2 is very much like its predecessor, only better in every way. It looks nicer, plays better, and is a hell of a lot funnier, too. And the original Guacamelee! was a funny game…

Four player co-op makes a return, allowing you to play Guacamelee! 2 with friends for the most riotous Metroidvania experience you can have. And if you have a PS4 Pro, you’ll be happy to hear that it makes use of the system’s power to make the visuals even prettier.

Honestly, Guacamelee! 2 might just be the funniest, most enjoyable Metroidvania game available right now. Get it added to your PS4 library, pronto!

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Blasphemous 2 (1)

Blasphemous is the Metroidvania for fans of the genre who like more of a challenge.

Playing as The Penitent One, Blasphemous is as mysterious as it is punishing. You’ll make your way through atmospheric environments, avoiding perilous traps and combating vile enemies. And if you want to succeed, you need to find shrines and altars that allow you to increase your health, improve the strength of your sword, and grant you more fervour.

It’s Blasphemous‘ bosses that truly make the game worth playing though, as they are brilliant. They’re tough but fair, and they’re so detailed visually that you can’t help but be impressed. If you have a PS4 and are up to the task, do yourself a favour and add Blasphemous to your collection. You won’t regret it.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

The granddaddy of them all. Without Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the Metroidvania genre simply might not exist. Or at least not with the same name.

Available on PS4 via Castlevania Requiem, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the best Metroidvania ever made. Hell, it’s no doubt simply one of the best games ever made. If you’ve never played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night before you just have to do so right now.

Originally released for the Sony PlayStation back in 1997, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night‘s visuals are admittedly dated, but they still have a lot of charm. Some of the game’s animations remain exceptional to this day, for instance; you only need to see Alucard, the game’s protagonist, move for mere seconds to realise that.

There are many factors that make Castlevania: Symphony of the Night so special: its bosses, the wealth of equipment available, its responsive controls, that soundtrack. It’s when you put them all together that the real magic happens though.

Will Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ever truly be surpassed? Maybe, maybe not. Many have tried, and some have even come close, but there’s something about Symphony of the Night that is utterly magical. If you’ve got a PS4 and have never experienced Castlevania: Symphony of the Night before, do yourself a favour and add Castlevania Requiem to your library.

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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 3 (1)

If you’re up for a challenge, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is the game for you.

It may look like a child’s game, but Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is hard. Enemies are relentless and rather plentiful, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg; it’s the game’s puzzles that will really have you scratching your head.

As you explore a wonderfully varied world, you’ll amass a range of magic spells that will aid you on your quest. You’ll also acquire multiple forms that you can assume, such as a Lion and a Frog, allowing you to access new areas and continue your adventure. There’s plenty of equipment to discover and upgrade, too.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is likely to make you turn the air blue at times, but you’ll always keep going back for more. There’s just something about it that’s utterly charming. Check it out if you’re a PS4 gamer with a lot of patience.

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Strider (1)

Released shortly after the launch of the PS4, Strider isn’t the best looking Metroidvania available on the format. Thanks to its high-octane action, it still stands out though.

Taking control of Strider Hiryu is a pleasure, making exploring the futuristic Kazakh City an absolute treat. As usual, you’ll find yourself defeating enemies and obtaining upgrades that allow you to explore new areas. Strider doesn’t really do anything to progress the genre, but then it doesn’t really need to.

It’s not the biggest of games, and boss difficulty can be a bit erratic, but if you’re after a fun Metroidvania that’s full of fast-paced action you can’t really go wrong with Strider, even though it’s now quite old.

The Mummy Demastered

Mummy Demastered 2

While 2017’s The Mummy disappointed cinema-goers, this video game spin-off developed by WayForward was a very pleasant surprise.

The Mummy Demastered is a Metroidvania with beautifully designed 16-bit visuals. In it, you take control of an unnamed Prodigium soldier, sent in to deal with the evil forces of Princess Ahmanet. And there’s a very good reason why your soldier is unnamed: it’s because they’re expendable.

Dying in The Mummy Demastered has you taking control of yet another soldier. In fact, if you go back to the place where you just died, you’ll find the reanimated corpse of your previous soldier shambling around. Kill them, and you might be able to recover some of your precious goodies.

Patched since launch to make the game a little more manageable, The Mummy Demastered is one of the best Metroidvanias of recent years. As such, it’s definitely worth picking up if you’re a PS4 owner after some solid Metroidvania action.

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SteamWorld Dig 2

Steamworld Dig 2 (1)

Like digging? SteamWorld Dig 2 is the Metroidvania for you.

Following on from SteamWorld Dig, released on PS4 in 2014, SteamWorld Dig 2 has you searching for that game’s protagonist who has gone missing. As Dorothy, you’ll have to dig and explore a variety of underground environments to find Rusty, defeating enemies and solving puzzles as you go.

While SteamWorld Dig was good, SteamWorld Dig 2 is better in every way. It looks nicer, plays better, and is just more polished. You’ll enjoy adventuring and powering up Dorothy so that she’s able to venture into new areas and deal with stronger foes.

You might only get about 10 hours or so gameplay out of it, but SteamWorld Dig 2 is well worth playing if you want a charming Metroidvania to occupy some time on PS4.

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Song of the Deep

Song of the Deep Feature-min

Developed by Insomniac Games, Song of the Deep is quite the departure from the company’s usual output.

This emotionally charged Metroidvania takes place entirely underwater, making it stand out from every other game on this list. It’s also extremely enjoyable to play.

For the majority of Song of the Deep you’re piloting a small submarine through a hostile world in search of your father. You can disembark from your submarine if you wish though. In fact, 12 year old Merryn’s slender frame allows her to access areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

While Song of the Deep does feature combat, it’s much more focused on exploration and puzzles. Honestly, the game will really test your brain in its later stages. Still, if you want to play a Metroidvania that has a slower pace and that is rather relaxing at times, seek out Song of the Deep for PS4.

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Yoku’s Island Express


The newest game on this list, Yoku’s Island Express is part pinball, part platformer, and yet all Metroidvania.

Cast as a tiny dung beetle unsurprisingly named Yoku, Yoku’s Island Express has you delivering mail all across Mokumana Island. And of course, it’s not all plain sailing.

With no combat to speak of, the challenge in Yoku’s Island Express comes in the form of its pinball elements. Yoku is attached to a ball much bigger than himself, you see, and making use of flippers and suchlike is the quickest way to get around.

As you make your way through the adventure you’ll acquire new items and skills that allow you to access new areas and make your job a little easier. Every second spent with Yoku’s Island Express is an absolute delight though. It just seeps happiness and fun from every pore. Find the game on the PSN Store if you want to experience the joy that it brings.

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Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary 2

Often described as a 2D Dark Souls, Salt and Sanctuary is a challenging Metroidvania that’s also particularly gloomy.

Finding yourself washed up in a strange location after your ship is wrecked, Salt and Sanctuary requires you to venture into the unknown. You’ll probably want to do so tentatively, though, as you never know lurks around the corner.

Like the Dark Souls series, Salt and Sanctuary‘s bosses are challenging and often epic in scale. Also, if you die, you drop any Salt you’re carrying, a commodity which can be used to level yourself up at Sanctuaries spread across the game’s world.

It can be a little vague at times, and its hostility might put off some players, but if you can stomach it, Salt and Sanctuary is one of the best Metroidvania games available on PS4.

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