1These great PS5 online co-op games are best enjoyed with friends

It Takes Two (1)

Playing games with friends is always great, but sometimes you don’t want things to be a competition. For that there are co-op games.

Thanks to the PS5 being backwards compatible with PS4 games, there are literally hundreds of co-op games that are playable on it. Many of them are couch co-op only, others online co-op only, and some offer the option of both. Of course, games that offer online co-op are perhaps the most convenient, as players don’t need to be in the same room to get in on the action. They also don’t have to share the same screen, which can sometimes cause issues. But what are the best online co-op games on PS5?

That’s a question we can hopefully help you with. We’re big fans of co-op games here at GameSpew, and so we’ve played a lot of them. With that knowledge and experience, we can hopefully point you in the right direction of the best online co-op games games you can play on your snazzy next-gen console.

Nearly every game on this list is optimised for play on PS5, meaning that they have eye-popping visuals, swift loading times and DualSense support. And those that aren’t optimised for PS5 have PS4 Pro support, so they still look and play great. So, click on through to find a new online co-op game to play with your friends and/or family.

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