Can You Play House of Ashes in Single-Player Solo?

The next entry into The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes, is out now. But can you play it in single-player?

House of Ashes takes players to Iraq in 2003. Set against a backdrop of war, five soldiers unwittingly find themselves falling into an ancient underground temple. And as if war wasn’t scary enough, they’ve got an even bigger threat to face while they’re down there: terrible, inhuman creatures. Personally we think horror games are best played together, but if you’re brave you might want to tackle it by yourself. And thankfully, with House of Ashes, you can.

Like all Dark Pictures Anthology games, House of Ashes packs in a number of play modes. While there are online and local co-op options available, the full game is perfectly playable solo with a single-player mode.


When you’re playing by yourself, you’ll simply take control of all five characters and you’ll be personally responsible for their survival… or their demise. It’s a lot of responsibility on one set of shoulders, but if you’re up for the task, we salute you. Remember, every decision you make counts, so good luck as you explore those dark caverns.

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