Check Out This Amazing Lost in Random Concept Art

Lost in Random

Lost in Random’s creators, Zoink, have shown off some of the concept art and behind the scenes models that led to its creation.

We reviewed this fantasy adventure when it came out last month, and absolutely loved it, calling it “..a wonderful adventure that will have you gripped”. It casts you as Even, a young girl who’s on a quest to save her sister, Odd. Aided by Dicey, a sentient dice, you’ve got to traverse Random’s six strange realms, playing as both Even and Dicey.

Now, thanks to Zoink’s recent blog post, “The Art of Random”, you can see just what went into creating the game’s aesthetic. But, aside from detailing the processes behind Lost in Random’s look, it also features actual concept art from the game. Easily the most impressive item on show is a set of clay models that, while Lost in Random doesn’t feature stop-motion, were instrumental in getting the characters “right”.


Some of the art is so gorgeous we wish we had a physical art book in our hands but, on reflection, it’s a little more environmentally sound to do it this way. You can check The Art of Random out on EA’s Blog.