Co-Op Puzzler We Were Here Forever Has a Haunting New Teaser Trailer

We Were Here Forever

If we’re honest, We Were Here Forever’s new teaser trailer has us worried.

We’re not calling this co-op puzzler’s quality into question; we had a lot of fun with the previous title in the series, We Were Here Together. While the puzzles were brain-scratchingly tough we persevered, concluding that “…many will fall along the way – but if you do power through, you’ll have a good time.”

The trailer is certainly haunting, and has the camera panning around a music box that shows the series’ two explorers being pursued by a malevolent jester. It then pans back to reveal the same jester sitting in the gloom, reading a worryingly well-crafted tome; we’re talking Necronomicon-level book work here.


This isn’t the jester’s first appearance in the series, either; whereas Together took you to the Antarctic, this new entry features the same sinister location as the first two We Were Here games. Do you think he’ll be happy to see you and whichever friend you get to aid you in your escape? Maybe he just needs a hug. The trailer concludes by revealing We Were Here Forever’s release window, the second quarter of 2022, though. PC players can also apply for access to the game’s closed beta.


What has us raising an eyebrow is that this trailer cements We Were Here Forever as this latest entry’s formal title. So where on earth do you go from there, when it comes to naming the next game? We Were Here Infinity? We Were Here Forever Plus One Bagsy No Back Answers? Total Mayhem Games clearly haven’t thought this through.

We Were Here Forever will land on PC (via the Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.