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Cozy Grove Patch Notes: Everything New in the Autumn Update

Cozy Grove

Players who are still spending time on their Cozy Grove island will be pleased to hear a new update is rolling out for the game.

Cozy Grove‘s Autumn Update is now live across all formats, and it brings a host of autumnal-flavoured content to the game. It’s more than a simple patch; it’s a major feature update, bringing some exciting changes. Let’s get into them, shall we?

The most exciting update – at least for us – is that you can now, finally, enter your tent! Once you’ve upgraded it a couple of times (as you’ve undoubtedly already done), you’ll be able to enter it, and decorate it with furniture and other items. As such, new decoration items will also be making their way to the game (although you can use many existing items inside your tent too, of course).

And, rather like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, tents will continue to expand with each time you upgrade them. A fully-upgraded tent will have numerous rooms, all of which can be decorated with their own theme.

You can also add a pet to your tent – more specifically, a cat. Because a house just isn’t a home without a cat, right? You can’t simply purchase a cat though; you’ll need to lure one into your home, and once it’s there work hard to keep it happy. Sounds very much like how I acquired my own cat, to be honest…

Along with cats, bunnies are now also part of Cozy Grove. To get bunnies you’ll need to buy charms from Lee Berry. And once they’re in your game, be prepared to snuggle with them all day long.

A new camera is also being added to the game, along with a photo-based minigame. Get ready to capture lots of heart-warming moments across the island.

Other updates include the ability to play music to your plants, new background music, improved stone-skipping and various bug fixes. And, of course, new Autumn Update would be complete without Halloween content – but developer Spry Fox doesn’t want to give away the details. It’s got to be a surprise.

You can read all about the Cozy Grove Autumn Update in the patch notes on Spry Fox’s official website. Give the update trailer a watch below to see the new content in action.

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