Darling Indie Game Mutazione is Getting a Free ‘Penpal’ Update

Released in September 2019, Mutazione is a gorgeous and cosy adventure about adjusting to life on a strange new island.

The game follows Kai during her time on the mysterious titular island of Mutazione. It’s the home of her grandfather, and he’s sick, so she’s come to spend some time with him. While on the island, Kai will also spend time with its other residents, forging friendships, exploring, and learning about how wonderful and carefree life can be.

We loved Mutazione when we played it back in 2019, awarding it an ‘outstanding’ 9/10. We said:

“From its extraordinary and beautiful landscape to its ordinary tales of life, love and loss, I was enraptured from start to finish. Every character you meet has a story to tell, and they’re stories you’ll want to hear. From its wonderful art style to its expertly-mixed audio design, it’s clear to see so much love has gone into this game. Mutazione may only be a short experience, but it’s one that feels very special.”

And now, more than two years after its original release, new content is coming to Mutazione. Called ‘Penpal’, it’s a free update that gives players reason to jump back into the game. It seems that Kai is now back home, but the residents of the island are keeping in touch with her by writing letters.

With the Penpal update, you’ll receive a new letter every day, expanding those wonderful character stories that Mutazione did so well. Along with letters, you’ll also receive a packet of seeds, allowing you to take care of your garden – a key part of the original experience.

Give the trailer a watch below. The Penpal update is available on all formats of the game: PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC and Apple Arcade.