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Back 4 Blood

Does Back 4 Blood Have A Single-Player Mode?

Available now on PC and consoles, if you love shooting zombies you might be thinking about picking up Back 4 Blood. But does it have a single-player mode?

The answer is yes: while Back 4 Blood has been designed with co-op play in mind, it does indeed have a single player mode. You might not want to play it though, for a number of reasons.

Basically, it’s not much fun playing Back 4 Blood in Solo Campaign mode. For a start, it’s all just a bit much for one player, and while you’ll have bots helping you, their AI is abysmal. On top of that, you can’t make any meaningful progress – even things like trophies and achievements are locked out.

Many have voiced their dismay at the lack of meaningful single-player progression, however, and so developer Turtle Rock Studios is looking into how it can improve the game’s Solo Campaign mode. So, if you’re a player that likes to go it alone, you’re better off avoiding Back 4 Blood for now. But it might be worth picking it up in the future if the game’s solo offerings are indeed improved.

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