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Back 4 Blood

Does Back 4 Blood Have Split Screen or Local Co-op?

If you’re just about to jump into Back 4 Blood, you’re probably wondering if you can play locally with friends in split screen. Well, can you?

Sadly, the answer is no: Back 4 Blood doesn’t have split screen, or any form of local co-op. Let go of your dreams of playing with friends, huddled around the same TV.

It doesn’t mean you can’t play Back 4 Blood with friends, though. After all, this is a game designed with multiplayer in mind. It’s actually more difficult to play in single player than it is with friends. You’ll just need to take the action online first.

Back 4 Blood needs a team of four to jump into the action. And, thankfully, it has crossplay, so if your friends are playing on a different format to you, you can still team up. Don’t worry if there’s less than four of you; you can join forces with random players, or the game will put bots in their place if nobody’s available.

We’d like to see a split-screen mode come to Back 4 Blood, but ultimately we think the action is just too hectic for it to work. You need the whole of your screen to see what’s going on; it’s hard enough to stay alive as it is.

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