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Century Age of Ashes 3

Dragon-Battler Century: Age of Ashes is Winging Its Way Onto Consoles

Free-to-play aerial dragon combat game Century: Age of Ashes, set for a December PC release, is arriving on consoles next year.

We were seriously impressed by this online-only dragon battler back when we got our hands on it in February, remarking that “Its dragons are wonderful to control… even at this early stage, and developer Playwing LTD appear to be onto a winner.” Having skipped Early Access, the PC incarnation is arriving December 2nd, but Playwing have confirmed it’s also coming to consoles.

The console versions don’t yet have a release date, other than some time in 2022 but, like the PC version, the console releases will be free to play. Hang on, so how do Playwing plan on making money from Century: Age of Ashes? Through microtransactions of course; you’ll be able to “Epic Dragon Eggs”, helmets and so forth.

No, we’re not huge fans of in-app purchase and so forth but unlike some titles we could mention, you’re not paying for a full game and then being charged to bypass the “grind”. We’re hoping Century doesn’t turn out to be play-to-win because, based on what we’ve already seen, there’s so much potential here. Daenerys Targaryen aside, how can you possibly go wrong with riding a dragon?

Platform-wise, Century: Age of Ashes will, after its initial PC release, land on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X next year, with a mobile release also in the works. You can check out the teaser trailer above and wishlist it on Steam right now.

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