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EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic

EPOS H6PRO Review: Another High Quality Headset from EPOS

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EPOS has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming headset space.

We’ve already reviewed four headsets from EPOS in the last 12 months, and this fifth continues the company’s trend of bringing extremely high quality products into the gaming audio space. Last month we reviewed the EPOS H3 Hybrid, which felt hard to beat in terms of sheer versatility. This month, however, EPOS has released the H6PRO, a flagship wired gaming headset that works with all platforms, doesn’t require charging, and promises “exceptional comfort” and an “expanded soundstage with unrivalled realism”. But does it deliver?

In short: yes. There is no doubt that the EPOS H6PRO is one of the most comfortable headsets we’ve tried. It has a similar design to the EPOS H3, and a familiar shape which is now synonymous with EPOS headsets. But a use of premium materials across the band and around the ear cups sets this apart. The ear cups are also larger, allowing for a more comfortable, all-encompassing position on the head – and that’s without adding any noticeable weight to the headset, too. It remains lightweight, which means wearing the EPOS H6PRO for extended gaming sessions is never a problem.

The large earcups are perhaps our favourite thing about the H6PRO’s design. They envelop your ears entirely, comfortably cradling them in a luxuriously soft cocoon – and the full coverage helps to increase the range and depth of sounds you experience. It’s fair to say that the sound output of the H6PRO is a clear step above EPOS’ last headset – it’s rich, clear and packs in a lot of bass. Finer details of sounds in the background are crisp, while large sounds like explosions feel as if they’re all around you. It makes for an exhilarating experience, particularly when you’re playing a game that makes great use of sound design.

Closed Acoustic vs Open Acoustic

One thing to note about the EPOS H6PRO is that, along with having three different colourways, it also comes in two function variations: there’s an Open Acoustic headset and a Closed Acoustic headset. We’ve been lucky enough to try out both, and while they both offer the same comfort and exceptional sound quality, there’s a key difference in their design. You’ll notice the Open Acoustic headset has a grille panel on the outside of the earcups that’s missing from the Closed Acoustic. This is to do with the flow of sound and air into the earcups.

The EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic ear cup

In a nutshell, a closed acoustic headset blocks out external noise while an open acoustic headset does not. If you want to hear absolutely nothing but the game or audio source you’re connected to, then the H6PRO Closed Acoustic headset is probably the right choice for you. But the Open Acoustic headset shouldn’t be written off immediately. “Why would you want a headset that doesn’t block out external noise?”, you might think. In some situations, it’s actually really useful; perhaps you still want to hear what’s going on around you while being focused in on your game’s audio. Another benefit is that it allows some air to flow to the earcups, preventing your ears from getting too hot and sweaty.

This isn’t a cheap headset, as you’d probably expect. It has an RRP of £149, making it one of the more expensive wired headsets on the market. Its audio and build quality are representative of its price tag, however – if you want to really appreciate the sound design of the games you’re playing, then the EPOS H6PRO will absolutely deliver. No, it isn’t wireless, and perhaps at this price you’d expect wireless technology to be present. For us, the wired cable isn’t a drawback, though. It means you can use the H6PRO with any device that has a headphone jack. When it comes to gaming, you can seamlessly use it on PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Switch – a wireless headset could never work across all formats thanks to each platform having different wireless requirements. It also means you never have to worry about charging it.

H6PRO Closed Acoustic

We’re also pretty enthused about the colour choices of the H6PRO. There are three to choose from: ‘Sebring Black’, ‘Racing Green’ and ‘Ghost White’. We’ve seen the black and white variants in the flesh, while the racing green, with its black and gold highlights, looks very unique and classy indeed. The Ghost White is stylish, all white with light grey highlights. And the Sebring Black is actually more of a shimmering dark blue than black, making it stand out a little from a sea of black gaming accessories.

So: if you’re not bothered about wireless, want exceptional audio quality and long-lasting comfort, the EPOS H6PRO comes highly recommended by us. Pay attention to whether you’re picking up a Closed Acoustic or Open Acoustic variation, though; both offer the same great sound, but whether or not you want to be totally closed off from the outside world is a personal choice.

You can buy the EPOS H6PRO now from Amazon or directly from EPOS via their website. Review units were provided by EPOS for the purposes of this review.

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