Far Cry 6: How to Get the Secret Ending (And ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ Achievement)

Far Cry 6

Did you know? Far Cry 6 has a secret ending. That’s right – you can see the credits roll after just two or three hours. Here’s how to unlock it.

Your role in Far Cry 6 is to join forces with a resistance group in order to overthrow the despotic leader of the once-beautiful nation of Yara. It’s a big task; it means storming enemy camps, destroying army bases and a lot more violent missions. It turns out your character, Dani, can choose to escape Yara and leave the resistance to it. And by doing so, you’ll unlock Far Cry 6’s secret ending – and get the ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ trophy/achievement.

To unlock the secret ending, you need to get as far as the Zamok Archipelago. It’s around two or three hours into the game, give or take. You’ll reach Zamok just after storming the two big army boats off the coat of Isla Santuario.


After a couple of cutscenes, you’ll be free to move around your new location. Turn around, and you’ll see a small boat docked just behind you. That’s your boat to use as you please. Jump in it, and head out for open water. You don’t need to get very far before Dani says “this isn’t my fight”, and a short cutscene in Miami will play. The credits will then roll, and the Hidden in Plain Sight trophy or achievement will pop.

Of course, that’s not the real ending. There’s still 20+ hours of gameplay to enjoy yet, and so thankfully once you’re back on the main menu, hitting ‘continue’ will take you back to where you were before you got on the boat.

If you’re already further than this point in the game, don’t worry. As long as you’ve not completed the story, you can still jump on the boat and run away. Head away from Yara and it should still trigger the secret ending.

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