Fortnitemares are Bringing the Spooky Season to Fortnite


Fornitemares are back, injecting Fortnite with a dose of Halloween Horror.

Well, we say “horror” but Fortnite can only get so scary. Throw a Michael Myers skin in there and half the people wearing it would be doing the Rick and Morty dance. What Epic have done, through their regular Fornitemares updates, is introduced a number of more traditional Halloween outfits including official licensed Universal Monsters Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy.

Shortnitemares are also back, animated spooky shorts that will take place in a special movie theatre though there’s no definite date for those as yet. Fortnite’s alien cubes are also set to get a spookier; we’re hoping they sprout spider-legs and start running around but that might not work out well for any Fortnite-playing arachnaphobes.


However, Fornite’s Halloween shenanigans are also set to bleed into real life, with the Battle Bus and other Fortnite characters turning up on the Universal CityWalk in Orlando. The day after, those characters will be purchasable through the in-game shop.

Granted, you probably won’t lose sleep over these Fortnitemares but if you’re a fan of the online game, it’ll be your chance to get into the Halloween spirit. Fortnite’s spooky season has already kicked off, so if you jump onto Fortnite on any platform you’ll be able to see what’s on offer.