3Code Vein

Code Vein 2 (1)

This game is Xbox One X enhanced

On the surface, Code Vein looks like Dark Souls with anime vampires. It’s true, to a degree. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there’s much more to it than that.

While the weightlessness of your character’s movement and attacks will initially throw you off, persist with Code Vein and you discover a game that’s really rewarding. You can change Blood Codes at the drop of a hat, granting you access to different combat options without having to start the game again as a new character. And skills within Blood Codes can be mastered and carried over to others, too, allowing you to create your very own playstyle.

Code Vein also has a much simpler approach to telling its story, which eventually grabs your attention like a vice. Throw in sumptuous visuals, a wonderful soundtrack and one hell of a character creator, and you have a souls-like that’s familiar in all the good ways while offering up some welcome new features. So, if you’re after games like Dark Souls on Xbox One and don’t mind the anime aesthetic, be sure to give Code Vein a go.

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