3The Evil Within

The Evil Within made it to this list easily, not only because it was directed by Resident Evil’s creator Shinji Mikami, but because it often feels very much like a Resident Evil game at times. It follows Krimson City police detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates a gruesome mass murder at Beacon Mental Hospital. While investigating, the team is transported into another world where they’re forced to fight a multitude of horrific entities while trying to escape the mysterious place where they’ve been transported.

Expect a strange story, lots of gore, untrustworthy characters, a weird save system, and more elements like Resident Evil during your playthrough. It’s a must, whether you’re a fan of Resident Evil or the horror genre in general. A sequel is available now, too, that’s every bit as good. They’re both available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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