Halo Infinite’s Campaign Leans Into Open World Adventuring

Halo Infinite

Yesterday, Microsoft released a six-minute long video demonstrating what players can expect from its campaign.

The video is a showcase of visual fidelity and fantastic-looking environments. Playable on YouTube in 4K, it’s well worth watching at the highest resolution if you have a monitor or TV that can do so; it really is a treat for the eyes. But more than just showing off what Halo Infinite will look like, it gives us a deeper understanding of what we can expect from the game’s campaign mode.

And, in a nutshell, it seems that Halo Infinite is fully embracing open world adventuring. As the video’s description says, it introduces players to “true Spartan freedom”. The video’s narration reminds us several times that players have the freedom to act as they please across the game’s huge world. It’s the most “wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet”, apparently. It certainly looks like it, and for fans of open world games, it should come as music to their ears.

You can travel on foot, or you can summon a vehicle – land or air-based – to travel around as you see fit. An overview map will show you mission points as well let you know how many collectibles you’ve find in a particular area, much like an Ubisoft open world game might.

It still very much looks like Halo though, with action-packed gunplay and a hopefully gripping story about saving humankind. Give the trailer a watch below – it’s certainly got us even more excited to jump into Halo Infinite when it launches on 8th December.

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