Here’s What’s Coming to Prime Gaming this Month

Star Wars Squadrons 4 (1)

Prime Gaming is getting a selection of new games this month including.. Star Wars: Squadrons. 

There have been some quality Amazon Prime Gaming titles but this month is looking particularly impressive. Leading the pack is Star Wars: Squadrons, a space-based Star Wars shooter we said did “great things with the Star Wars licence”, is joining Prime Gaming.

As with all Prime Gaming titles, this is the game’s PC incarnation, but it’s not only title joining the service, which is available to all Amazon Prime subscribers. Aside from a smattering of in-game bonus content for various titles, you’ll also get the following full games:


Aside from Star Wars: Squadrons, there are three other titles we’d pick to play first. Alien: Isolation is an excellent game, pitching you against a single Xenomorph and forcing you to hide. Ghostrunner is also great and sees you slashing and leaping around a futuristic Tokyo. Song of Horror is no slouch, either – the standard permadeath feature might not appeal to everyone but you can turn it off and while the last chapter isn’t amazing, it’s still a chilling ride.

These titles are, technically, available from October 1st but they’re not out quite yet, so you’ll have to wait till later today to get your hands on them.