Coming to us courtesy of Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games, makers of the similarly excellent Detention, Devotion is an absolute masterpiece of horror. As heartbreaking as it horrifying, the game tells the story of the Dus; a middle-class family living in Taipei in the 1980s. Seen from the perspective of father and husband Du Feng Yu, Devotion is a first-person walking simulator similar to games like P.T. and Layers of Fear. Players must explore an increasingly twisted version of the Du’s apartment complex, uncovering a story of one family’s descent into tragedy and madness.

Many horror fans probably don’t even know they can buy Devotion. Ironically for a game exploring the dangers of cultism and societal pressure, Devotion itself became the subject of a furious nationalist backlash due to an accidental Easter egg that insulted China’s autocratic President, Xi Jinping. Pulled from Steam mere days after its release in 2019, for a long while it seemed like Devotion was lost to history. Things got worse in 2020, when GOG.com announced it would sell the game, only to backpedal hours later because of online criticism. It was only in March 2021 that Red Candle quietly decided to sell the game directly via its website.

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