How Long Does it Take to Beat House of Ashes?

House of Ashes

Wondering how long it’ll take you to beat House of Ashes, the newest game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series? Read on.

Following on from Man of Medan and Little Hope, House of Ashes is yet another horror game that puts you directly in charge of your characters’ demise. Featuring five controllable characters, every action you do will determine who lives and who dies. No pressure then. House of Ashes is the longest of the games in the series yet, but you’ll be glued to the screen for the entire run time.

You can expect to beat House of Ashes in around six hours. It’s split into three acts, so it’s perfect to play over three nights, or three separate play sessions. If you’re anything like us, though, you won’t be able to put it down once you’ve started, and so you’ll play it long into the night.

Whether you play by yourself or in co-op you can expect a similar run-time. How you play and the options you make may affect the run-time slightly, however. If you don’t interact with some objects in the environments you’ll miss some cutscenes. And if most of your characters die off on the first opportunity, you may not see some scenes that other players will.

So: expect to spend about six hours to complete House of Ashes. And after that, you’ll likely want to jump back in to try and save (or kill) everyone.

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