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Back 4 Blood

How Many Acts Are There In Back 4 Blood?

If you’re thinking of picking up Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series, you might be wondering how many acts there are in its campaign.

There are four acts overall in Back 4 Blood, though they aren’t all equal in size. Act 1, for example, consists of 13 levels, or chapters. Act 2 has 10. Act 3 has nine. And Act 4 only has one. Each act, then, aside from the last, can take hours to complete.

The first three acts are a bit too long in our opinion. We like our online games to be short and snappy, allowing us to nip in and out of them without feeling penalised for it. And while you can quit part way through an act and resume your progress later on, it’s just not quite the same.

It’s perhaps the card system found in Back 4 Blood that’s the reason the first three acts are so long. It allows you to make use of all the cards in your deck, you see, and also reap the most benefit out of stacking cards. Keep drawing a card that ups your ammo capacity, for example, and by the end of an act you’ll be able to hold absolutely loads.

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